Project Database YEAR 2012

Project NameProject OwnerOriginal Contracted AmountFinal Contract AmountProject ManagerDate Completed
Pit River RCD Ash Creek Wildlife Restoration ProjectPit River RCD$870,730$870,730Monte Molina11/2012
Olam Tomato Processing Plant – Grading WorkOlam Tomato$6,500$6,500Monte Molina6/18/12
Olam Tomato Processing Plant Leveling Project Hahn Road @ OHM roadOlam Tomato$45,900$45,900Monte Molina6/11/12
Reclamation Dist. 2025, Holland Tract Levee Rehab Project, Spec#2025-09-11-1MBK Engineers$509,710.00$731,201.98Monte Molina5/2012
Mariani Nut Almond Plant LevelingMariani Nut CompanyT&M$4009.00Monte Molina4/19/12
South Sacramento County Streams Group, Morrison Creek at Union Pacific Railroad – Contract 2AU.S. Army Corp. of Engineers5,009,710.00 Monte Molina & Kevin CarrStill in progress

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