2020 Lower Yolo Restoration Project

Yolo Restoration 2020
Scope: Habitat Restoration
Contract Value: $8.5 million
Work Completed: 2019-Present
Contact: Chuck Gardner (916) 708 8767

Four M Contracting, Inc worked for Westland’s Water District creating delta smelt, Swanson hawk, and giant Gardner snake habitat. FMC hauled and placed over 250,000 cubic yards. FMC created tidal channels for delta smelt, habitat for giant gardener snakes, and habitat for swain son hawks. 7 water control structures were installed with two being 48” tide gates. Pump station platforms were re-built using driven H-Bean, and welding a top plate for the pumps. Hauled and placed over 35,000 tons of AB for all roads onsite as well. Electrical improvements were done for (1) pump station including new meter, pole, and associated electrical equipment. The project also was seeded with native grasses and tulle clumps were installed per project plans. De-watering was completed using 4-8” pumps as needed onsite. This project was delayed due to Permits but still completed on time and with bid budget.