Project Database YEAR 2011

Project NameProject OwnerOriginal Contracted AmountFinal Contract AmountProject ManagerDate Completed
Reclamation Dist. 2025, Holland Tract Levee Rehab Project, Spec#2025-09-11-1MBK Engineers$509,710.00731,201.98Monte MolinaStill in Progress
ARROYO DE LA LAGUNA WILLOW RIPARIAN SCRUB AND RIPARIAN HABITAT RESTORATION PROJECTAlameda County Resource Conservation Dist$453,044.00$495,111.00Monte Molina10/12/11
ARROYO DE LA LAGUNA STREAM RESTORATION PROJECT AT VERONA BRIDGEAlameda County Resource Conservation Dist$519,459.00$687,662.80Monte Molina10/15/11
COSUMNES FLOODPLAIN MITIGATION BANK – PHASE IIWestervelt Ecological Services, Inc$69,231.00$69,231.00Monte Molina8/25/11
Grading @ BasaliteBasalite Concrete Products$3,000.00$3,000.00Monte Molina7/25/11
Robin’s RoostCalifornia Waterfowl Assoc.$48,800.00$48,800.00Monte Molina7/25/11
Imperial Valley WBC EnhancementCalifornia Waterfowl Assoc.$13,200.00$13,200.00Monte Molina6/24/11
Y14 DS ProjectCalifornia Waterfowl Assoc.$44,500.00$44,500.00Monte Molina6/24/11
Wister U12 – Duck StampCalifornia Waterfowl Assoc.$4,050.004050.00Monte Molina6/24/11
Imperial WCB ProjectCalifornia Waterfowl Assoc.  Monte Molina06/15/11
Land Leveling Co. Rd. 91AJohn Frazier$10,140.00$10,140.00Monte Molina06/03/11
Salton Sea Sonoran Wetland NAWCADucks Unlimited$13,492.00$13,492.00Monte Molina05/23/11
Five Brooks StablesNational Park Service, Point Reyes$40,052.00$43,136.00Monte Molina05/12/11
San Luis Wildlife RefugeU.S. Fish & Wildlife$88,800.00$88,800.00Monte Molina05/11/11
Westside Transplant Building PadsWestside Transplant$82,500.00$82,500.00Monte Molina05/06/11

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