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The overall project consisted of constructing +/- 2850LF of floodwall.. Due to environmental constraints FMC and its subcontractors were not able to start the project until
May of 2012. Prior to any construction, daily checks were done for the environmentally sensitive giant Gardner Snake within the proximity of the project. FMC successfully administrated all submittal requirements prior to construction start. To date FMC and its subcontractors successfully completed structure excavation which required approval from the USACE for excavation due to the depth of cuts on the project shoring was installed in sections where existing property fences were too close to establish the required ¾:1 slopes that were engineered by BMA engineers. RNR Construction successfully placed +/- 3000cy of slurry 5500cy of concrete & rebar for footing, key, and floodwall. RNR's management team was very proficient with their required work and their engineers designed a gang for system for the placement of the floodwall that greatly accelerated this project. K.O. Underground Construction successfully completed all required underground for Morrison Creek. Challenges of the project were the relocation of the existing waterline that ran through the new floodwall as well as working in tight areas of the east side of the floodwall for the installation of the storm drain system and sub-drain system. To date this project is 95% complete and would have finished on time in 2012 however due to adverse weather the USACE shut this project down until the spring of 2013. FMC would like to thank Group Delta Consultants for their Geo-Tech services, Mountain Pacific Surveying for all survey services, Verux for QSD reporting, USACE Management Teams and its sponsors for the project such as DWR, and all employees for successfully working safely throughout the project. Due to the completion of the floodwall many residents within the Morrison Creek site will not have to pay for flood insurance in the future.