Four M Contracting, Inc.

We endeavor to provide superior, high quality service deploying the highest quality construction while maintaining safety, staying within budget, and remaining sensitive to your environment.

The philosophy used at Four M Contracting, Inc. is very simple: Connect talented, experienced people with the right equipment and resources; provide seamless communication and information; anticipate safety concerns and requirements. Accordingly, projects complete successfully.

At Four M Contracting, Inc., we have a wealth of knowledge and experience among our staff. With stellar communication internally and externally, we are able to handle diverse project demands confidently. Each of our project teams includes a project manager and a superintendent (these positions may be combined, depending on the project size), and a foreman.  If necessary, we seek specialized personnel outside the company to complete a project.

To date, each employee at Four M Contracting, Inc. is qualified to work as a project manager, and each has been trained through the Army Corps of Engineers’ Contractor Quality Control course.

The company’s equipment inventory is available dependent upon project demand. We will, however, go outside the company to secure resources and equipment necessary to stay on track with scheduled work.

At Four M Contracting, Inc., environmental awareness and safety are the highest priority. Our field personnel are highly trained and take extreme pride in their work. Employees are educated per job regarding issues concerning the sensitive nature of particular environments and corresponding endangered species native to an area and/or region. Four M Contracting, Inc. is familiar with sensitive environmental species such as the Giant Garter Snake, San Francisco Garter Snake, California Red-Legged Frog, Swainson’s Hawk and several fish species.