Four M Contracting, Inc.

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Westervelt Ecological Services are the owners of this environmental mitigation project in the Sutter Basin region near Nicolaus, California. The Giant Garter Snake is native to this wetland and is designated as a threatened species by both Federal and State governments. The objective of the project was to establish a protected preserve for this endangered species.

Four M Contracting, Inc. started working on the project in October of 2008, and by December 2008 the work was complete and to the satisfaction of Westervelt Ecological Services, our client.

SWEPP permits, Army Corps of Engineers, and Fish and Game permits were all obtained by Westervelt Ecological Services. Throughout construction, Four M Contracting, Inc. had to adhere and implement best management practices, follow strict permit guidelines and safety standards for this project, as they do for all their work.

Due to the known endangered species in the area, the Giant Garter Snake, biological monitoring was in place throughout construction to ensure no Giant Garter Snakes were present. All employees from Four M Contracting, Inc. have had environmental awareness training specific to the Giant Garter Snake. Employees of Four M Contracting, Inc. attend annual training seminars focused on current information regarding environmental habitats and sensitive species related to site-specific projects.

Due to a late start - not on our account - Four M Contracting, Inc. had to work six days a week and ten hours a day to complete the work on time and within budget. A specific construction entrance was built prior to starting the project, as well as a silt fence around all out-going water sources. Waddles were also installed at these locations to help with runoff from the rains. Over 350,000 cubic yards of material was hauled and placed with GPS-guided pull scrapers. A model from which to work was built from CAD drawings, and that model was used as a guide to ensure accuracy and precise line control. Open water channels were created so that Westervelt Ecological Services, as the basin's preserve management company, could flood the channels and direct water as needed over the 500-acre site. Additionally, 14 water control structures were installed onsite for water management. Each control structure was a precast 3x4 with pipe sizes ranging from 24 inches to 36 inches; pipe lengths range from 30 feet to 50 feet. Three of these structures had to be placed in live canals where Four M Contracting, Inc. had to follow strict permit guidelines prior to placement.

This project for Westervelt Ecological Services, experienced no incidents. The goals of this project were achieved on time and on budget.