Four M Contracting, Inc.

We endeavor to provide superior, high quality service deploying the highest quality construction while maintaining safety, staying within budget, and remaining sensitive to your environment.

During the past 5 years Four M Contracting, Inc. has worked extensively in and around Putah Creek throughout Yolo and Solano counties. For example, the Yolo Housing Creek Restoration Project, Highway 505 Creek Restorations and the Putah Creek Nature Park are some of the contracts executed by Four M Contracting, Inc. These projects ranged in cost from $10,000.00 to $80,000.00. Our company followed all required guidelines, safety precautions, budgets and timelines with success.

The Yolo Housing Creek Restoration Project required building a mile long trail so that Solano Irrigation District employees could access stretches of Putah Creek for their maintenance work. Also included in this project was constructing a 1000 linear foot bench. An excavator and a dozer were used for the construction of this bench. Once the bench was completed, mature Eucalyptus trees from the area were removed for use of their root wads as a retaining wall between the bench and the creek. Additionally, 150 tons of ½ ton boulders were delivered for the construction of 2 "J"hook weirs and one "W" weir. This element of the project required working in and adjacent to the creek. An excavator with a low ground pressure rating was used to build the weirs. Footer rocks were installed below grade and top rocks were added to secure the tops of the weirs. Permits for this project were obtained through the Solano Irrigation District. The 1601 Fish and Game Permit was furnished to Four M Contracting, Inc., and the company adhered to the strict guideline of each of the permits.

All employees of Four M Contracting, Inc. completed environmental awareness training. The training included awareness information about protecting the Swainson's Hawk, Elderberry Beetle, and invasive snails. Considering the invasive snails, all equipment for the project was pressure washed at 160 degrees Fahrenheit prior to entering the construction site. To protect the Elderberry Beetles, orange fencing was secured surrounding the native bush vegetation so as not to affect the installed drip line. Monitors were put in place to alert employees if and when the Swainson's Hawks were present.

For all other projects in and around the Putah Creek system, Four M Contracting, Inc. initiates similar activities and construction when required. During the past five years while working with Solano Irrigation, Rich Marovich has been the Putah Creek stream keeper. Four M Contracting utilizes best management practices throughout their work. All of the company's projects have been completed on time and safely, but most importantly, to the satisfaction of our clients.