Four M Contracting, Inc.

We endeavor to provide superior, high quality service deploying the highest quality construction while maintaining safety, staying within budget, and remaining sensitive to your environment.

Below, we've presented some detailed specifics on completed FMC projects. This information provides insight into our background and the experience we've accumulated over the years. Please note that we do not not limit ourselves to projects similar to those presented and that this information is provided to present a cross-section of the work we've performed to date.

Conversion of Rice Fields to Giant Garter Snake Habitat (Cosumnes & Sutter)

The Sutter project was completed in 2008. The site was approximately 427 acres and the contract required that 300,000 cubic yards of material be moved on site. To reach the water levels necessary to produce the optimal habitat we had to be within a tenth of a foot on vertical elevation and one foot horizontal. Swales channels, and upland area were constructed with the dirt that was hauled. 13 water control structures were installed as well on this project. For the cosumnes project (in progress as of June, 2011) our company hauled and placed over 200,000 cubic yards of material for the creation giant Gartner snake habitat. Three large water control structures with screw gates were also installed, and over 300 depression were constructed for this project.

Sutter After Perspective

Tule Basin Project for Wildlands, Inc.

FMC hauled and placed over 300,000 cubic yards of material to construct swales, islands, ponds and upland areas for Wildlands, Inc. Over 15 water control structures were placed as well as 10,000 tule clump plantings

Aerial View of Tule Basin Project

Flooded project angle

Ducks Unlimited - Yolo County

For this project FMC designed and constructed a 30' long boardwalk and a 10'x10' platform for Ducks Unlimited in the Yolo Wildlife area in Davis, CA. This project was completed in October 2008.
Boardwalk at a Yolo Wildlife area in Davis, CA

DU yolo

Gray Lodge Wildlife Preserve

This project required a 4 mile canal system with ponds built around the tour loop inside Gray Lodge Wildlife Area. This project had over 100 water control pipes with a variety of corrugated metal pipe and HDPE ranging in sizes from 48" to as small as 12". The project started mid June and was completed by August 5th. The project was delivered to Ducks Unlimited well ahead of schedule.

Completed four mile canal system at Gray Lodge

Field93 completed

Goose Lake Wetland Enhancement Project

A huge water delivery system of 5½ miles of canal was built for Ducks Unlimited. This was challenging to obtain optimum moisture due to the alkali and sandy soils. There were over 50 water control structures to install ranging in size from 48" to 12". Two catch basins were built next to SemiTropic Water District canal with four 48" pipes with headwalls, out walls and slurry.
Installation of 48 inch pipe at the Goose Lake Wetlands


Field 93 - Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

We started on October 25th, 2007 and completed on November 27th, 2007. This contract was with Ducks Unlimited and consisted of a series of canal swales and ponds for the enhancement of wildlife. There was nearly 100,000 yards of dirt to construct ponds, levees and swales with over 24 water control structures installed that were lined with rip rap.

Field93 bg

California Department of Parks and Recreation - Ano Nuevo State Park near Santa Cruz

Completed in August of 2007 for the California Department of Parks and Recreation, this project was located in an environmentally sensitive area, with very steep terrain accessing the creek. Project location was Ano Nuevo State Park near Santa Cruz. This water diversion was set up prior to excavation as well as silt fencing around the entire project. Six step pools were then created using ½ ton boulders. Each pool had an elevation change of six inches. This project was completed in one week on time, on budget, safely, and to the satisfaction of the engineer.

Ano Nuevo 3

Madison Wastewater Treatment Facility

During the construction of this project Four M demolished pipe, valves, fences and levees in the middle of sewer ponds. New ductile iron pipe was replaced with new valves and new fencing for installed excavation of levees. Excavation were used to re-build existing levees in and around the Madison WWTF. Also, erosion control fabric was applied to side slopes along with 4X6 cobble stones lining the fabric and aggregate base rock was applied to top of roads for access in the winter months. This project was challenging due to water remaining in the ponds and the narrow areas we had our equipment in. We completed this project 1½ months ahead of schedule, within budget and to the satisfaction of RBF Consulting and Yolo County