Four M Contracting, Inc.

We endeavor to provide superior, high quality service deploying the highest quality construction while maintaining safety, staying within budget, and remaining sensitive to your environment.

Over the past five years, Four M Contracting, Inc. has completed contracted worked for Ducks Unlimited. Projects have varied in size ranging in cost from $30,000.00 - $500,000.00. Four M Contracting, Inc. has traveled to remote locations on behalf of Ducks Unlimited to facilitate specialized projects. For example, our company has the capability to mobilize in locations near the Oregon/Washington border down to the California/Arizona border.
All projects completed by Four M Contracting, Inc. for Ducks Unlimited were for the creation of duck and geese habitat. These projects involved moving 10,000 to 100,000 cubic yards of earth; establishing water control with pipe and structures varying in size from 15 inch HDPE corrugated pipe to 48 inch corrugated pipe; matching structures and pipe sizes; attaching gates to structures; creating swales and islands for the ease of water control and wildlife resting areas. On our behalf, Ducks Unlimited secured permits from the Department of Fish and Game and, in some cases, the Army Corps of Engineers. Four M Contracting, Inc. adhered to all permit requirements and always held the upmost respect to the environment.
Four M Contracting, Inc. has been a trusted resource for Ducks Unlimited due to our ability to manage the complexity of their project objectives. The company is able to act quickly, as well as design and build when unforeseen challenges present themselves during an active project. Four M Contracting, Inc. has a proven track record with Ducks Unlimited delivering completed work on time, on budget and safely while handling and managing sensitive environments and species.
Another project for Ducks Unlimited was at the Wister Wildlife Area in Niland near the Salton Sea in Southern California. Four M Contracting, Inc. has been completed over ten projects at this location over the past 3 years (2008- 2011). The extreme climate conditions and the remote location were challenging, yet Four M Contracting, Inc. was able to move over 300,000 cubic yards of dirt, and create levees, ponds, islands and swale systems. Some of the earthen levees were complex undertakings due to the soil and ground water conditions. The company used low ground pressure equipment for this construction, which also aided in protecting the sensitive environment at the job site. Water control structures were also constructed at the Wister site, some of these were in live flowing Irrigation canals.
Four M Contracting Inc.’s leadership was critical in executing these projects successfully. Ducks Unlimited has confidence knowing the combined expertise of our team delivers projects on time and on budget.
One of the more notable projects Four M Contracting, Inc. has worked on was the Gray Lodge Water Delivery Improvement Project in Butte Basin located in the Central Valley of California. This project involved building a water delivery system by way of a canal. Four miles of canal was constructed along with large ponds, a multitude of swales and islands. Over 100 water control structures were put erected; some of these structures were positioned in flowing canals. Cofferdams were constructed for these structures. 100,000 cubic yards of dirt were moved for this canal system project and the overall budget for this project was over $500,000.00. Four M Contracting, Inc. completed the work on time in August of 2007 and on budget.