Four M Contracting, Inc.

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Four M Contracting, Inc. championed the Ano Nuevo Creek Restoration project for the State of California, located near Santa Cruz, California. The objective of this project was to create six step pools for Steelhead habitat. Not only did this project have to be completed in a short amount of time, but also attention to protect sensitive habitat and species was necessary.
Prior to the start of this project, Four M Contracting, Inc. employees completed an environmental awareness procedure training provided by the Department of Parks and Recreation of the State of California. The training included awareness information about protecting the California Red Legged Frog, the San Francisco Garter Snake and their habitat.
A high mile long trail was established to gain access to the project site. A biological monitor was provided by the State to proceed ahead of the excavator clearing the trail, to ensure the safety and protection of the California Red Legged Frog and the San Francisco Gartner Snake. Each of the six step pools had an elevation difference of six inches, and was spread out over a 50-foot distance. Silt fencing was installed along both sides of the trail leading to the creek, and was buried six inches deep to ensure the area was secure. Once at the site, a bench was created to gain access to the creek. Entrance to the creek was limited and very steep with one and one half to one slopes towards the creek bottom. Dewatering was executed and one CFS of water was diverted using six inch corrugated plastic pipe. This element of the project presented challenges due to the placement of the pipe. The requirement was to have the pipe run in the middle of the creek, under the excavator, and a hundred feet downstream. Silt curtains were installed fifty feet below the pipe to handle any turbidity created from the excavation.
As soon as the area was prepared, biologists shocked the water to capture juvenile Steelhead prior to work beginning. Six step pools were built using a 314 excavator and the expertise of Rick Poore, a Geomorphologies expert working as a subcontractor to Four M Contracting, Inc. Half ton rock was used in the creation of the six step pools. Footer rocks were placed below grade, and then additional rocks were stacked on top of the footer rocks to lock the structures in place.
These step pools now allow the Steelhead resting areas as they make their way up the creek to spawn. While working at this site, Four M Contracting, Inc. had to adhere to all permit requirements obtained by the State, including Army Corps of Engineers permit and 1601 Department of Fish and Game permits. The total project cost was $80,000.00 to construct and the work was completed in one week. Four M Contracting, Inc. completed the contracted work on time and on budget, to the satisfaction of the State of California.